About Us


Ximena is very detailed concise worker. Focused on the jobt at hand and determined at getting end results and benefit all parties involved. She is very knowledgeable at her job and does the research necessary to stay a step ahead...

Alfonso D'Niscio Brooks

Ximena is a very hard worker, she will do whatever it takes to win. She puts the company first and herself second. Ximena is very creative as well as bottlom line conscious...

Chas Martin

I believe that having a commercial relationship with XDS made it possible for us to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreements more quickly and more accurately. Which allowed us to grow in revenue, grow in the number of pairs that we produce in Colombia and therefore the installed capacity of the manufacturing plant....

Helga Johansen, Plasticaucho Colombia

I have been working with XDS and we learned from them and achieved a lot of experience of the international market. Especially the international retail market. XDS has always accompanied and guided Evacol to improve our quality system, social responsibility and security, so that we meet the requirements that this market demands.....

Antonio Wang, EVACOL S.A.S

XDS is a company that has all the knowledge of laws, norms and regulations that must be fulfilled in order to enter the American Market. And it has been a learning process of all productive, quality, logistics, export processes....

Edinson BolaƱos, Plasticaucho Colombia

A note from our CEO

XDS Holdings is a global leader in commercial representation and consultancy of products and service across diverse industries  in the international market.

For over 20 years, XDS Holdings and all its subsidiaries have connected companies globally among countries like Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Central America, becoming strategic partners for our clients.

Our combined experience and experitise both nationally and internationally in accounting, brand development, business strategy, finance, marketing, product development and sourcing, strategic planning, sales outsourcing, and supply chain management are some of our core competencies.

Our deep understanding of brand positioning and true advisory approach to client services is what sets us apart from the competition. Our philosophy is centered around the notion that a company or its brand's touch points must be aligned with one another in order to achieve revenue-driven results.

"The experience and capabilities of XDS Holdings allows us to position your company or brand to the highest standards in your industry. Our strength lies in our ability to take your business to the next level."

Ximena Adamo,
Ceo & Managing Partner of its subsidiaries

our Subsidiaries

XDS MARKETING AND CONSULTING is an interactive branding and marketing agency focused on translating brands' images to the world.


AAG DEFENSE SOLUTIONS is the Importer & Distributor of Defense Related Products for companies worldwide


GLAX Trading S.A.S is an international importer, exporter and distributors of a broad range of products for diverse industries.


GAMMA Commercial Group is the newest business venture for XDS Holdings, along with key business partners, GAMMA handles commercial representation for mayor key companies in the food industry.


How Does This Work?


Feasibility Analysis

Yes, we study YOU. We take the time to analize the viability of your project scope. End result an overview of your business plan.


Create Strategic Framework

We create a complete strategic framework focused on your goals and objectives, with focused revenue-driven results.


We become an extension of YOU

We treat brands as if they were our own. The sincerest form of flattery is when a potential client thinks we work for your organization. And in a very real sense, we are.