subsidiaries overview

XDS Marketing & consulting

Is a full service global brand management and commercial representation agency.


Because of our diverse range of knowledge and substantial industry experience, our XDS Marketing & Consulting team can create and execute full service programs that are tailored to your specific needs and consistently create revenue-driven results.


Our goal is to provide the defense and security enforcement agencies and retail market quality defense products.

AAG Defense Solutions

Due to the nature and complexity of this industry, we felt the need to have an independent source of affiliates and professionals experts in the field. That is why AAG Defense has its own individualized platform.


Our Defense Subsidiary has focused on joining forces with premium manufacturers to bring you a combination of multi-national defense products to meet your needs.


Our goal is to provide the defense and security enforcement agencies and retail market quality defense products.


Is a company focused on importing, exporting and distributing mass market consumption products.


Our key partner/affiliate approach with diverse manufactures and our distribution affiliates in North, Centro and the Southern of the Americas, GLAX is able to position its diverse portfolio of products with ease.


With over 20 years experience of product sourcing and commercializatioin our team offers exceptional service to both the manufacturers and buyers allowing for both key parts and negotiations to run effectively and efficiently, thus cutting down cost for both key partners.

gamma commercial group

GAMMA was introduced in early 2017 with two key partners


Our goal is to support you in developing, implementing and managing lasting beneficial changes to your organization.

Details of our Core Competencies

XDS Holdings
XDS Holdings is a full-service global brand management agency. Because of our diverse range of knowledge and substantial industry experience, our Marketing Subsidiary is able to create full-service programs that are tailored to each client's specific needs and consistently deliver revenue-driven results.

Brand management begins with having a thorough understanding of the term "Branding" and "Marketing". "Branding" plays an important role in defining, developing and executing marketing strategies and programs to increase saales forecast for our clients. To us "Brand" means defining your concept, understanding the value it has to offer and goals it wants to reach. Brand Management is nothing but the art of creating and sustaining it. The Brand is what makes customers committed to your organization. A strong Brand with defined core values differentiates your products or services from your competitors. It gives the consumer a quality image to your ogranization. "Marketing" on the other hand is what we refer to as the "strategic process" of a brand. Its the management process through which the entire business plan of your organization is executed upon.

Our philosophy is centered around the notion that a "Brands" touching points must be aligned with one another in order to achieve full brand potential. The experience and capabilities of our team allows us to position your brand or organization exceeding the highest standards.

For over two decades we've focused on building lont-lasting relationships that our clients always benefit from. In this B2B segment, our goal is to has been to get a deep understanding of the needs in today's market, thus creating, partnerting or developing new business ventures to aide in the development of programs that allow each sector and our clients to reduce cost, increase productivity and sales. By understanding each of our clients' core competencies we are able to offer advisory on: Crowdsourcing, Inventory Management & Distribution, Operations and Strategy Management, Product Development and Placement, RND and Revenue Management, among others.

We're known for our innovation in the field of creating innovative programs and for producing quality results that meet the current demand. We consistently strive to exceed client expectations for service and results, while managing multi-segment channels in the B2B industry.